Graphic Revelations

Terms and conditions and clarification of our modus operandi


  1. All content (text and written information and photographic imagery excluding the design interface) to be supplied/provided by the client before commencement of the project.
  2. Please make sure that content is in a final form as any editing of content for grammatical or spelling errors will be charged at an additional hourly rate of R390. Content language and style needs to be written (Google) search engine friendly, with keywords interspersed strategically. We can write the content for an extra fee. Original content creation (written information/copy) will carry an over and above charge of R2500.
  3. Graphic Revelations will provide a website design based on the client-brief.  Should the client not be satisfied with the proposed design we will supply a 2nd option.  A detailed brief would be helpful for us to understand your requirements. Please complete the accompanying form as thoroughly as possible.  Work cannot commence until we receive the brief. Listing existing examples of work you have seen and you like would be helpful for us to understand your needs.
  4. Graphic Revelations will refine the chosen design according to the first presentation feedback received from the client and up to 3 minor design layout changes are included in the quote. For any further or major design changes, the hourly fee of R390 per hour will apply.  All client feedback and requests for edits must be in writing.  Projects may be discussed verbally, however, no alterations will commence until submitted in writing.
  5. Graphic Revelations will not execute any work that incurs additional fees without prior written notification to and approval from the client.
  6. After project submission there will be a maximum grace period of one week for project design alterations.
  7. After the completed project is approved and live on the internet, any and all changes and revisions subsequent to that date will be charged at an additional fee of R390 per hour.
  8. New domains:  The client should note that new ( domains registered take up to 24 hours to propagate.  Some domains may take longer.  No email accounts, etc can be set up until the domain propagates.  Requests for email accounts, aliases, forwarders, etc to be created must be submitted in writing to or  Requests for assistance with setting up accounts may also be submitted here.  Graphic Revelations offers various means of support in this regard. Visit ‎ for more information.
  9. Project duration:  If the project continues longer than the reasonable completion time of six weeks (or the duration agreed upon), Graphic Revelations will invoice and require payment for all work done up to that stage.
  10. Any digital alterations to images including photo manipulation or editing used as content will be seen as additional contribution to the project, and the hourly rate of R390 will apply, unless specifically stated otherwise in the quotation.
  11. New pages over and above the sitemap as agreed upon between the client and Graphic Revelations, will be charged at an additional fee depending on content and functionality required, but minimum of R490 per page.
  12. A 50% deposit is required before commencement of the project.  In the event where Graphic Revelations is managing the domain and hosting, the annual domain registration fee of R150 and at least 1 (one) month’s hosting will be required, over and above the 50% of the project fee.  Where the client has opted for annual or biennial hosting, full hosting fees will be required.  In the event of smaller value projects, full payment may be requested on order confirmation.
  13. A further 25% of the project fee will come due once design is complete and content published.  At this stage the client should take a maximum of 5 (five) working days to review the project as a whole for any final changes.  Once these changes have been made the website will go live.
  14. The remaining balance of 25% is due once the site goes live.
  15. All projects and copyright of literary work, artistic and graphic design work, database and design elements created by Graphic Revelations, remain the property of Graphic Revelations.
  16. The client guarantees that any element of text or graphics furnished to Graphic Revelations for inclusion do not infringe on any copyright or trademarks that have been established by another company or organisation.
  17. Graphic Revelations makes every effort to produce original artwork.  If, however, we create artwork for you which accidentally infringes on any trademarked artwork, Graphic Revelations’ liability is limited only to a refund of the design cost and not the total project.  Graphic Revelations does not do any research checking on the legal availability of project that we are creating designs/websites for. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the name of their product, company or service is not already in use, and it is the client’s sole responsibility to secure a service mark or trademark to protect the rights to any name or image.  Graphic Revelations and its employees will not be held responsible for any legal action that may result from improper use.
  18. Graphic design is a professional service, as opposed to a stockable product or commodity – clients are billed for our time and expertise.  In accordance with accepted industry standards, Graphic Revelations charges for design services by the hour (unless a flat fee has been negotiated in writing) and does not offer refunds under any circumstance (except in the case of copyright infringement as noted above).
  19. Graphic Revelations does NOT engage in speculative work and will not honour any requests for same.  Spec work requires the designer to invest time and resources with no guarantee of payment.  The client is basically saying “My project isn’t important enough to hire a professional who will take the time to understand my situation and goals and invest the time needed to create a suitable solution.” (See for more information about spec work).  We have an online public portfolio and are also able to provide samples in print, enabling potential clients to judge whether the style and quality of design offered by Graphic Revelations suits their organisation.
  20. Failure to make payment or to make acceptable arrangements will result in suspension of the website, regardless if hosting has been paid in full or not.  Admin fees of R150 per domain will be applicable on suspensions and full payment of all outstanding amounts, including admin fees will be payable before suspension will be lifted.  Suspended accounts will display a message reading “Account has been suspended”.  Under no circumstances will Graphic Revelations use the phrase “due to non-payment” or any phrase relating to it.
  21. Monthly hosting fees are due and payable on the 25th day of each month in advance for the following month.  Accounts that are 2 months (60 days) in arrears by the last day of the month, will be suspended without prior notice.  Suspension due to arear hosting fees will affect the entire domain (website as well as incoming and outgoing email functionality)  Admin fees of R150 per domain will be applicable on suspensions and full payment of all outstanding amounts, including admin fees will be payable before suspension will be lifted.  Suspended accounts will display a message reading “Account has been suspended”.  Under no circumstances will Graphic Revelations use the phrase “due to non-payment” or any phrase relating to it. Hosting Accounts that are 3 months (90 days) in arrears by the last day of the month will be automatically terminated without prior notice. Terminated accounts will result in loss of all data, emails, account details, backups, website and web data, files. folders and databases.
  22. Accounts that remain in default will be turned over to a third-party collections agency.  Late fees will continue to accrue on the client’s account, and the client will be responsible for all costs incurred for being placed in collections.  Refusal to pay your bill is theft, and we take it very seriously. If collection efforts are unsuccessful, we will engage the client in litigation to collect the debt, and all copyright will revert to Graphic Revelations.  In such a case, we will retain the right to repossess any and all materials created for the client. The client will have no rights to use the materials in any way, fashion or form whatsoever, and legal action will be taken to enforce this policy.
  23. All late payments are subject to a fee of 5% interest per month, accruing or a minimum penalty of R25 if the percentage is lower than R25.
  24. Clients requiring long term and ongoing design work or maintenance packages will be placed on a monthly billing cycle, which will allow said client to skip the quotation/deposit phase. Clients on monthly billing will be invoiced on or around the 22nd of each month.
  25. Abandoned projects:  Should a client abandon a project after work has commenced, the client will be invoiced for the full amount of the project, regardless of the status of the project at the time of abandonment.  Nonresponsive clients who do not pay or address the project within 30 days of invoice, will be handed over to a third party collections agency and will be subject to the same procedures and fees as stipulated above in par 22.
  26. Accepted methods of payment:  We accept bank transfers (EFT), Paypal payments, online credit card payments, payment vouchers, Ukash and cash.  Cheques are only accepted if the client is willing to wait for the cheque to clear for work to commence.  In the case of EFT, we require proof of payment from the bank via email.  Bank details appear on our invoices.  Proof of payment must be sent to for graphic related payments and to for hosting and domain related payments.  We are not unreasonable.  Should the client for any reason, be experiencing financial difficulty and require an extension on payment, contact our accounts department to come to a mutually agreeable arrangement for payment. We do, in certain cases, accept Paypal payments. Payments by Paypal are only valid once the full amount has been transferred from our Paypal account to our bank account and the funds are displayed as available. For more info on payment visit
  27. Transfer of domains:  Requests for transfer of domains will not be accepted or approved unless all accounts are settled in full, regardless if they pertain to hosting or not.  Mentioned accounts pertain to any work done related to the specified domain, as agreed upon between the client and Graphic Revelations, e.g. website updates, maintenance, artwork for websites, social networking management linked to specified domain if this service is part of the agreement, maintenance package, etc.
  28. Departments:  Although Graphic Revelations is one company, our Graphics (artwork, design, web design) and Web Hosting department run separate billing systems, due to the nature of hosting, renewal of domains, etc. You will e.g. be invoiced for your domain and hosting by the hosting department but by the Graphics department for you website’s design. Banking details for both departments are the same.
  29. Backups:  It is the client’s duty to keep a regular backup of their own hosting account, including the website.  We keep daily backups for own recovery purposes, which may or may not have all the latest content and emails backed up.
  30. Working hours:  Office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 17:00. When required, arrangements can be made for after hours or weekends (note that and additional fee may be applicable for after hours work when required by the client).  Graphic Revelations is not available on Public Holidays, except for emergencies pertaining to hosting, in which case the client should log a support ticket via our support system. We offer a great support system.  You can view info regarding our support system by visiting‎. Requests sent to email addresses will only be tended to on the next official working day.
  31. Graphic Revelations retains the right to display all artwork, designs and websites in their corporate portfolios and marketing materials unless explicitly instructed otherwise in writing by the client as per copyright law and intellectual property laws as stated in the World Intellectual Property Organization Copyright Treaty, 1996.


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