Graphic Revelations

Vinyl labels, decals and stickers

Graphic Revelations is a Cape Town based custom designer and manufacturer of unique vinyl labels, decals and stickers . We do the designing, printing and cutting of all types of vinyl’s to meet customers requirements.  Labels, decals and stickers are self adhesive and very easy to apply should you consider to do it yourself.We offer vinyl applications when required, at an additional cost.

Labels, decals and stickers can be utilised to work for you in a variety of ways:


  • battery labels
  • home made goodies
  • product labels
  • name labels
  • shelving labels
  • magnetic labels
  • jars, bottles and box labels
  • book labels and name tags
  • safety decals (no smoking, etc)


  • nurseries and toddler’s rooms
  • reception areas
  • bedrooms
  • lounges
  • offices
  • custom laptop covers
  • magnetic calendar photos (of your toddlers, children or family)
  • window or sliding door decals

We can also supply and fit custom designed wallpaper and special event decor such as Christmas, Valentine’s day, mother’s day, father’s day, women’s day, birthdays, anniversary parties, etc. Your imagination is our limit.


  • license disk stickers
  • bumper stickers
  • packaging labels
  • fridge magnets
  • service providers calling card stickers (plumbers, electricians, IT industry, etc)


  • packaging labels
  • vehicle decals and signage
  • display and shop window signage
  • branding of promotional items i.e. pens, rulers, USB’s etc (more economic alternative to pad printing or engraving)
  • license disk stickers
  • water bottle labels

Fun and Events:

  • custom designed baby shower stickers and decorative decals
  • custom designed kitchen tea stickers, invitations and decorative decals
  • custom designed birthday party decals
  • seasonal events decorative decals (Christmas, Valentine’s day, New year’s, etc)
  • competition decals, QR code stickers, etc

Possibilities are endless. Let your imagination run wild, or contact us for more innovative and practical ideas. We will design for you or you are welcome to supply your own labels, decals and sticker designs.


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