Graphic Revelations

The Partner Ship has sailed

Graphic Revelations was started in 2006 by Izelle.  At the time the budget was a close second to ABSOULUTELY NOTHING but the dream and the vision made up for every lack.  Part of the dream was that Izelle and her sister would one day work together.  Unfortunate circumstances and some 1000-odd kilometres prevented that particular part of the dream from being realised as Jenni-Lin (the sister) was off on a farm in Mozambique, playing with horses.  In 2011 she returned to South Africa and a joined effort involving much online activity was started.  This was an improvement, but the dream and desire of their hearts was still that working together occasionally would eventually become a shared venture in which both would chase the same vision.

In November 2012, Jenni however moved back to Cape Town and the two sisters were finally able to join forces and they have been unstoppable ever since.  The dream was finally happening!  Working together from long before day-break and extending way into the evenings, Zel and Jenni are a force to be reckoned with!

We have the same dreams/desires/vision for our lives and for Graphic Revelations and we know without any doubt that we had to make things official.  On the 23rd of July 2013 Graphic Revelations formally changed from a Sole Proprietor to a PARTNERSHIP!  The 7-year dream has become a reality and we are excited and very very blessed to be able to share it with everyone who cares to read this.  The Graphic Revelations PartnerSHIP has sailed and will continue to sail to greater things and new horizons under it’s banner:  The SPIRIT of Creativity.  


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