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Do a little celebratory dance of joy with us! Graphic Revelations is now a bona fide SARS approved VAT vendor – we are proud and most excited to announce! OK we know most people won’t be this ecstatic, but as you know by now we are NOT “most people” 🙂 We have been growing and expanding at an exceptionally divinely blessed rate as of late, leading us to take this big step. In addition to the greatness of this very big step, we have another bonus to share with you:  During the application process, the SARS consultant informed us with Read more

Graphic Revelations was started in 2006 by Izelle.  At the time the budget was a close second to ABSOULUTELY NOTHING but the dream and the vision made up for every lack.  Part of the dream was that Izelle and her sister would one day work together.  Unfortunate circumstances and some 1000-odd kilometres prevented that particular part of the dream from being realised as Jenni-Lin (the sister) was off on a farm in Mozambique, playing with horses.  In 2011 she returned to South Africa and a joined effort involving much online activity was started.  This was an improvement, but the dream Read more

Graphic Revelations now has a PO Box.  As we operate from 2 offices in 2 different suburbs, we realised the need for a single postal address. So we got a brand new PO Box, or snail mail, if you will. The PO Box will be used for all non-electronic written communications to keep all admin central, minimise duplication and confusion for suppliers and clients dealing with our various departments. Our new snail mail / postal address is: PO Box 11207 Bloubergrant 7443 Click here for our other contact information. A number of new and exciting things have been happening at Read more